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Misht believes in crafting bite sized joy through it’s delicately crafted chocolate- made for all occasions! From custom printed chocolates to engraved bars - Misht purveys all kinds of personalised magical deserts that are crafted to bring you joy and happiness.
Misht is a women led initiative that strongly supports women rights and equality whilst providing the most expertly crafted and customised one of a kind chocolates !

Chocolates are considered the best gift to give no matter what occasion or time . The rich and nuanced flavours are matchless in terms of textures and taste. We infuse this tantalising gastronomic delights with the joy if gifting through perfect customisations!

We’re passionate about spreading the joy and love around not just through our uniquely made and personalised chocolates but also through acts of kindness.

Henceforth Misht’s one percent of revenue generated through sales is donated to organisations striving to make this world a better place especially for those who’re underprivileged.

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