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Best Photo Wedding Invites - A New Invitation Trend

Best Photo Wedding Invites - A New Invitation Trend

The most exciting part of your upcoming ‘special day’ that is your wedding is the invitation cards. They are more than just fancy paper crafted altogether. It gives a chance to the guests to think about all the fun of the big day. There’s large array of choices available in selecting the wedding invites.

Generally, the kind of style you select for wedding often becomes the pattern for other activities and materials as well. Whether it’s formal or chick, funky or rustic kind of wedding the invitations can actually set the tone for your wedding. It’s high time we drop the usual and go for something that will set your invitation apart from all.

Here are top 7 best photo wedding invites to live it up on the day.

#Beach Theme Photo Wedding Invitation

The first one is Beach theme photo wedding invitation. Recently the trend of this romantic photo shoot is being loved by many couples. Simply hire a photographer and s/he will let you know about the destinations as well. It features a couple staring at each other with love. It exactly brings the beach life into the invitation. Along with the photos of the couple, you can accent with real sea shells and sand texture to make look incredible. Perhaps like an ocean wave, you can use in the background of the loving couple.

#Add Western Touch in Photo Wedding Invitation

Lighting up the mood of your guests the moment they open a western touch wedding invitation. The idea of the western photo is the talk of the town where a couple could be doing anything that looks classic to simple in its own way. For instance the two brunching together at the local cafe. Or even holding hands together and taking a walk. The photographer will give you tons of ideas which will look absolutely stunning. Matching up with the colour palate it can be a wonderful choice for a wedding invitation. For a WOW factor send gifts online for impeccable feel.

#Folded Photo Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, you are given many choices enough to make you confused. But the latest folded photo wedding invite is impressive in its own way. Dig into your old album of photographs and gather up the ones you love. Or you can do a special photo shoot which is going to get printed on both sides of a wedding invitation. The romantic wordings will be printed inside in the middle of inviting. There’s also the z-fold design which fits the pictures and all the information of your wedding and receptions. It certainly goes well with the Vintage wedding or you can opt for the black and white photo shoot for the couple.

#Country Theme Photo Wedding Invitation

A country wedding is every girl or perhaps man’s dream as well. It’s something that adds lots of charms and laid-back style to make from modern to the classic countryside. Depending upon your preference an outdoor countryside theme will be charming. In addition to that, the theme and of course decor will come into life. The duo can take a tour of the outskirts of the city where there will find a land of scenery. And get the pictures clicked. Alongside the printing of your photo, you can ask them to for cowboy illustrations and other designs which goes well with your pictures.

#Floral Theme Photo Wedding Invitation

Flowers being the nature’s best creation are perfectly perfect for the wedding. And it becomes even more meaningful when matched up for your wedding. They’ll always be a front-runner for the couple and their day of love. So does their floral theme photo wedding invitations. The lovebirds can do the photo shoot in a field where the beautiful flowers blossom. Or perhaps order a bunch with flower delivery USA to the desired place. The girl can wear a flower head and her man proposing her with the bunch of flowers. The floral invitation will coordinate gorgeously with the different calligraphy artistically drawn on your invite. Moreover, you can even adorn with the bohemian theme.

#Photo Wedding Invitation with Chocolate

More than anything else wedding is one of many occasions that are being enjoyed by all. While in India it always ‘the big fat wedding’. Next to it comes the wedding invitation which is a must that leaves the lasting impression. Also sending something sweet when an auspicious occasion occurs it’s mandatory. Hence, what better way other than chocolates? A gift box filled with personalized chocolates via online chocolate wedding invitation and the cover will have a picture of soon-to-be-bride and soon-to-be-groom. Furthermore, you can create an altogether invite mentioning date and other details into another card or cleverly fit on the box.

#Passport Style Photo Wedding Invitation

Wedding passport style photo invitations flawlessly pair in the right way if you are having the destination wedding. Moreover, you are having a wedding totally to a new place hence a lot of information. The passport invite has the photos of couple stamped. It could a romantic and poised picture or even little classy in B/W.

Just imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they’ll receive the card travelling all the way for your big day. With some colour scheming you can ignite the flame of excitement.

Save the date for your special day. Weddings are one occasion that binds the two souls and also the families together into a relationship that is going to last forever. Arranging, bringing all together and so much of fun. But the actual fun resides in designing the wedding invites.

To make your wedding extra momentous the one-of-kind design will make the guest feel delightful. The above mentioned cohesive list is a wedding inspiration which will nail it perfectly for the occasion. Whether a warm-hearted party or high spirits set the mood for the incredible affair.

We wish you a very happy married life! Let the love grow and bond get stronger every day. Cheers!

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