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Christmas & New Year Gifts

Christmas & New Year Gifts for Corporate


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes! It’s time for Christmas and a very happy New Year! Both Christmas and New Year are very special occasions and widely celebrated throughout the globe. For the corporate world, it is an even more special time to spread joy and foster a sense of unity and belongingness among the company’s employees and shareholders. Gifts for Employees and Clients for New Years can help to spread this cheer.

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The Concept

1. Your "Brand" on the box

Customised elegant wooden gift boxes that highlight your brand in a beautiful way

2. Write a message to the recipient

Write a heartfelt message or festive greetings to the recipient and strengthen your relationship

3. Everyone loves chocolates!

Chocolates are perhaps the most widely accepted gift among men and women of all ages. Surprise them with your logo on chocolates :)


6 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

6 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

6 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates


12 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

12 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

12 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

18 CHOCOLATE BOX - 18 nos.

18 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

18 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

18 Chocolate Box with Printed Chocolates

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Corporate Gifts for Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year mark the begining of a new journey for everyone part of the organisation. For those who had a rough patch during the year, these two occassions bring a new sense of joy and hope and with it, promises to turn things around for the best. It gives the opportunity to people to build new connections and move in the right directions to achieve their goals! And for the organisation, it is an opportunity to thank their employees and shareholders for all the efforts put in by them throughout the year.

Gifts for New Year Celebration

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Corporate gifts for employees can also help motivate the employees do even better the next year knowing that the company notices their efforts. If thought from a monitory perspective, if new year gifts for corporate clients and employees is done right, then it can provide an excellent return on investment by helping build a strong realtionship with them and bringing in more business.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas & New Year

Personalised Corporate Gifts – One gift, fits all! Well, you just cant go wrong with chocolate. And what’s better than chocolates? Personalised Chocolates! And ChocoCraft is just the platform you need to create amazing personalised chocolate boxes for the best corporate gifts. With the wide variety of designs to choose from, ChocoCraft helps your organisation build the most unique corporate gifts within your budget! Just ideate and leave everything else from elegant packaging to an on time delivery with best quality corporate chocolate gift on ChocoCraft to make a lasting impression on your employees and shareholders.

Fitness Bands – With new year, comes new year resolutions. And most people (if not all) have the goal to get fitter. So to help them stay motivated throughout the year and achieve their goal, fitness bands are a great new year corporate gift item. This in turn can ensure that the employees stay healthy which can lead to huge boosts in their productivity while at work. Hence fitness bands can be one of the best corporate gifts this Christmas/New Year!

Coupons/Vouchers – This is a great company Christmas gift idea. Vouchers for online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart or vouchers for movie tickets or grocery shopping will be appreciated by all. With the booming online movie content space, one can also go for coupons for free subscription to some of the OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

Smart Gadgets – Google Home smart speakers, smart watches and other smart gadgets are an excellent new year gifting idea. These come in various shapes and sizes and one can get different gadgets that meet the company budgets. With everything now going digital and online everyday, these are a must have in today’s time and hence all your employees and shareholders are sure to appreciate this.

Personal Care Hamper – If you are looking for an innovative corporate gift, then a personal care hamper is one. By mixing an assortment of personal care products, one can come up with a wide variety of innovative gifts for the employees. Separate collection of products can be maintained for both men and women. Along with the products, some vouchers to a famous local spa or salon can also be added to sweeten the pot!

Travel Accessories – Everyone loves to travel and good travel accessories are a must for a stress free travel experience. These include passport holders, travel bags, water bottles, headphones among other items. A small hamper of these items can be a great company Christmas gift idea. One can also print the company/brand logo on these items which can then also act as promotional gift items as well!

Luxury items – To make the employees and shareholders feel even more special and appreciated, luxury gift items live wrist watches, luxury pens and perfumes are amazing premium corporate gifts. These do come with a hefty price tag but will surely leave a lasting impact on the people these are gifted to and help in gaining their trusts and commitment for a long period.

Polaroid Cameras – Another innovative corporate gift idea is polaroid cameras. These are small, portable and colourful cameras that print out pictures just after they are clicked. These are the new cool in the market of photography and making memories. Everyone, especially the young employees, will surely have a huge smile on their faces after receiving these as their Christmas and New Year corporate gifts.

Free Medical Health Checkup – A fit and healthy employee is a huge asset to the organisation. Another invaluable Christmas and New Year corporate gift is free medical checkups for all the employees. To make this even more special, this gift can also be extended to the family members of the employees and major shareholders.

Saplings – Going eco-friendly and conserving our environment is the need of the hour. And to make a strong statement that the company stands for the idea of building a greener environment, saplings are a great and unique corporate gift idea. These can also serve as a reminder to the employees and shareholders to keep on growing with time for an overall development.

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