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How to surprise with the perfect gift!

How to surprise with the perfect gift!



Wether its valentines day, anniversaries, birthdays  or personal milestones, we’ve all come across the dilemma of giving the perfect gift to our closed ones. Which is not just special but sweet as well. Misht presents the perfect customised gifts for all occasions. Chocolate is the language of bonding and love. Seal the deal with Misht’s flavoursome customised chocolates to make your close ones feel extra special! Whatever is the occasion, here are some of our perfect gifting options for bringing a smile to your closed ones faces!

  1. Send personalised chocolates

Chocolates are fun and tasty. They’re perfect for elevating mood at any time of the day. But one can make chocolate gifting more personalised and affectionate. Misht offers engraved chocolate bars with customised printed wrapping to add a fresh touch to your mouthwatering chocolate gifts!


  1. Slip a personal message

Send a handwritten note to your loved one with personalised engraved or custom printed message for birthdays, achievements or valentines day! A heartfelt note never disappoints anyone and is sure to take up your gift to another level!


  1. Take a walk down the memory lane

Get your favourite memories together printed on rich and indulgent chocolates. Wether it’s pictures from that perfect vacation or anniversary pictures – your thoughtful gifts will be the most brilliant and matchless way to celebrate special events!

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