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Surprise Gifting with Misht

Surprise Gifting with Misht


Gifting is such a beautiful way to convey our heartfelt emotions to those whom we love the most! Wether it’s the season of love / Valentines Day, the Festival of Lights- Diwali or momeorable birthdays and anniversaries. Many of us may spend every day  of your lives with our closest pals and damily. Even if we know everything there is to know about them, they may be the most difficult individuals to shop for. It can be difficult to choose the ideal present for them on any special occasion or festival. Nonetheless, you always want them to adore your carefully chosen gifts!


Misht lresents its range of thoughtfully customised chocolates that are made to give you the best of chocolate each time! There are multiple ways you could customise and tailor chocolate gifts for your special person! Choose the right kind of chocolate – Milk or dark and white and even customise the added flavours from fruit and nuts to savoury fruits and more nuanced textures.

Misht offers an endless variety of customised chocolate from assorted chocolate box, truffles to custom engraved bars wishing birthdays or anniversaries! You can ever get your favourite picture or soulful memory printed on the chocolate bar and give it that perfect customisation!

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