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Unique birthday gift box personalised with photo on box and chocolates ( with photo printed chocolates )

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Design Details

Wondering how to treat your special someone for a perfect surprise for mother’s day, birthday, anniversary or some other special moments? Give a pleasant surprise to the sweet tooth by gifting personalised chocolate by Misht!



Get name engraved bars, custom printed chocolate bars or just the perfect small chocolate hamper for the happiest surprise on the birthdays!

Birthdays Are the most special days in someone’s life. Treat your special friends and family with Misht assorted box of customise chocolate.



Get custom printed chocolate bar, in graved bar, custom packaging for the most thoughtful gift on the special someone’s day. Misht’s perfectly made handcrafted customised chocolate is perfect to elevate anyone’s mood!

Customization Part


  • We need the name, one photo and a message for the order. 
  • You have to upload photo to be printed on the box and/or chocolates.
  • Handwritten Postcard: We put a custom message postcard in the box. You can give us a message to be handwritten. We want the message to be short so we can write it creatively.
  • The gift box will be made as per the design shown. If you miss to enter some details or make some error, you can contact our customer service on email or whatsapp with order number. 
  • We do not allow cameras in production area to avoid privacy concerns. We cannot provide pre-dispatch phototgraph of the product 



  • The chocolates are 100% vegetarian and FSSAI certified.
  • Chocolates - Each chocolate in the box is printed with photo uploaded. We do minor adjustments to photo for better printability. 
  • Each box contianes 6/12 pcs of printed chocolates. One chocolate weighs around 12-18 grams depending on size.
  • The Chocolates will have the fillings of your choice as per order.
  • The product is delivered with clear mention of the manufacturing date.
  • Best Before - We recommend that the chocolates be consumed within 45 days of manufacturing.



Box and Packaging

  • The boxes have design and photo of your loved ones as per your order. 
  • We use exclusive wooden boxes for the chocolate packaging. 
  • Our boxes are reusable as these have magnetic closure and are very sturdy.
  • These can be used in office or home for stationery, jewellery, makeup etc after chocolate consumption. 
  • Box can be of white/red/black color as per design and occassion. 
  • We cannot customize the number of chaooclates in a box. We can have only 6/12 chocolate box.




  • We deliver the product in 5-10 days after your order. 
  • We do not offer fixed date delivery currently. 
  • We have multiple reliable third party courier service and we choose the depending on your pincode.
  • If you make a mistake in delivery address, please contact customer service by whatsapp or email. We cannot change the delivery address after the order is dispatched. 
  • We use special packaging to prevent it in transit to your address. We believe that your loved ones must smile when they see the perfect product.
  • We suggest to store the product in normal fridge after receipt.
  • We suggest to freeze the box for at least 2 hours before opening. 


Other Terms

  • Orders once placed cannot be canceled. 
  • Please contact customer service on Whatsapp or Email for urgent help. 
  • Please read our refund policy for further details. 
Unique birthday gift box personalised with photo on box and chocolates ( with photo printed chocolates )
6Chocolate / Simply Milk - Rs. 863.10
  • 6Chocolate / Simply Milk - Rs. 863.10
  • 6Chocolate / Fruit & Nut - Rs. 953.10
  • 6Chocolate / Rose Gulkand - Rs. 953.10
  • 6Chocolate / Expresso Dark - Rs. 953.10
  • 6Chocolate / Tiramisu Sugar Free - Rs. 953.10
  • 6Chocolate / Hazelnut Seasalt - Rs. 953.10
  • 12Chocolate / Simply Milk - Rs. 1,223.10
  • 12Chocolate / Fruit & Nut - Rs. 1,358.10
  • 12Chocolate / Rose Gulkand - Rs. 1,358.10
  • 12Chocolate / Expresso Dark - Rs. 1,358.10
  • 12Chocolate / Tiramisu Sugar Free - Rs. 1,358.10
  • 12Chocolate / Hazelnut Seasalt - Rs. 1,358.10
  • 18Chocolate / Simply Milk - Rs. 1,493.10
  • 18Chocolate / Fruit & Nut - Rs. 1,662.30
  • 18Chocolate / Rose Gulkand - Rs. 1,662.30
  • 18Chocolate / Expresso Dark - Rs. 1,662.30
  • 18Chocolate / Tiramisu Sugar Free - Rs. 1,662.30
  • 18Chocolate / Hazelnut Seasalt - Rs. 1,662.30

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